Support for Fertility Preservation, Pregnant and Parenting Nonbinary, Intersex, Trans, People

Chestfeeding and Breastfeeding

Academy of Breast Feeding LGBTQ+ Protocol

This protocol can help your provider help you induce lactation.

A central goal of The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine is the development of clinical protocols for managing common medical problems that may impact breastfeeding success. These protocols serve only as guidelines for the care of breastfeeding mothers and infants and do not delineate an exclusive course of treatment or serve as standards of medical care. Variations in treatment may be appropriate according to the needs of an individual patient.


Birthing and Chestfeeding for Trans People and Allies

Birthing and Breast or Chestfeeding Trans People and Allies

A private facebook group created for birthing and chestfeeding trans people and allies.


Case Report: Induced Lactation in a Transgender Woman

A 2018 case report of a 30 year-old transgender woman and her child. After implementing a regimen of domperidone, estradiol, progesterone, and breast pumping, she was able to achieve sufficient breast milk volume to be the sole source of nourishment for her child for 6 weeks.

Our report describes a case of nonpuerperal induced lactation in a transgender woman. We present the relevant clinical and laboratory findings, along with a review of the relevant literature.


Yes, Trans Women Can Breastfeed — Here's How
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Lina Illustrations digital image of diverse women breastfeeding

Three trans women share their personal experiences with inducing lactation and breastfeeding.

by, Katelyn Burns (she/her)


Breastfeeding FAQ for Trans and Non-Binary Parents

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Trans Nonbinary Parent with child

No matter your gender identity, we are here to support you in reaching your breastfeeding or chestfeeding—a term for those nursing without breasts—goals. To dispel common myths and misconceptions, we answered your most pressing questions about the trans and non-binary breastfeeding experience and shared some of our favorite resources. 


SNS Supplemental Nursing System

Person using Medela Supplemental Nursing System

Everything you need to know about a supplemental nursing system (SNS)

Allow your baby to suckle at the breast (or finger!) with or without an additional breast milk supply.

Link to article;

Link for Medela SNS System, which is what the hospital used when I was a childbirth center social worker;

La Leche League Transgender and Nonbinary Nursing

La Leche League inclusive logo

Help and affirming resources here!


Trans and Nonbinary People chest feeding their babies

Donor Services

Just a Baby

For non traditional family building.

Just-A-Baby gives anyone that’s dreamt of being a parent the key to finding a match simply and easily. The sole purpose of the Just a Baby app is to help find other potential people to have a baby with and commence negotiations.

Pride Angel Donor Services

Help finding donors for trans, single, gay, lesbian, and/or infertile folx to be parents.

Welcome to Pride Angel! We are looking for genuine donors willing to donate sperm or eggs to help single, lesbian, gay, and infertile couples achieve their dream of becoming parents. Are you a lesbian couple looking for a known donor or maybe you are single and looking to coparent? We are a leading website dedicated to connecting sperm donors, egg donors and coparents online. Our website allows you to create your own profile, search thousands of members and communicate safely using our online mail.


Facebook Groups

Birthing and Chestfeeding for Trans People and Allies

Birthing and Breast or Chestfeeding Trans People and Allies

Birthing and Chestfeeding for Trans People and Allies.


My Fertility Coach LGBTQ TTC (Trying to Conceive)

LGBTQ Trying to Conceive, Pregnancy and Fertility Facebook Group

From this group, you can be referred to a specific group for TGNB TTC.

1. Planning and starting your fertility journey
2. Believing you are worthy of parenthood
3. Overcoming self-sabotaging thoughts
4. Releasing infertility struggles
5. Learning about the mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual side
of fertility
My Trans Pregnancy

My Trans Pregnancy Facebook Group

A private facebook group dedicated to transgender pregnancy.



couple silhouette against rainbow flag

This group started with several of us wanting to be able to connect more with others going through something closer to our own journeys of trying to conceive. We are all from the LGBTQI community looking to grow our families SUPERVISED BY A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL.

Financial Support for Fertility

LGBTQ+ Family Building Grants

Grant opportunities are available for the LGBTQ+ community to help offset the costs of assisted reproductive technology and/or adoption.

Family Equality’s mission is to advance legal and lived equality for LGBTQ families, and for those who wish to form them, through building community, changing hearts and minds, and driving policy change.


Midwives, OBGYNs & PTs


A compassionate, holistic pregnancy service dedicated to the LGBTTQIA+ community. Inlusive midwifery and classes for the rainbow family here.

EMPWR was founded in 2020 by Arlene Oram, a queer Midwife providing LMC (Lead Maternity Carer) services during pregnancy dedicated to those identifying as part of the LGBTTQIA+ community.

“Pregnancy care is centred within a heteronormative rhetoric and now, more than ever our community deserves to feel valid and seen.”


MAIA Midwifery & Fertility Services

Maia Midwifery & Fertility is a whole health practice led by Kristin Liam Kali, LM (licensed midwife). Maia provides preconception care and insemination services as well as classes and support groups to assist families through pregnancy and early parenthood.
We welcome families of all kinds while actively centering LGBTQ+, solo by choice, and BIPOC communities. We also provide a comprehensive training program for midwives and other health professionals who want to add IUI and fertility care to their practice.
Nonbinary Midwife, Rob Reed

Rob Reed is a MSN, CNM at Swedish Medical in Seattle, WA.

“I am passionate about providing compassionate, holistic reproductive healthcare to clients throughout their lives. Whether supporting soon-to-be parents through labor, helping clients decide on the best birth control option for them, helping breastfeeding families get off to a good start, or providing empowering care during routine annual exams, every day as a midwife offers new opportunities for building relationships that promote optimal wellness. I am passionate about collaborating with patients to create and achieve unique, individual health goals. My pronouns are They/Them/Theirs.”


Sparkwell Health

Sparkwell Health offers a full spectrum of  midwifery care.

I am a trans non-binary parent of two, spouse, doula, lactation counselor, nurse, midwife, and nurse practitioner. I have over 13 years of experience in birth work and community support. I was a co-founder of a busy NY doula group prior to launching Sparkwell Seattle in 2019. Having a doula and midwives at my own births had a profound effect on me and I wanted to be able to share that knowledge, comfort, and support with other birthing parents birthing at home, birth center, or hospital. I have always felt that pregnancy was a very special time of our lives and am blessed to be a part of so many families’ experiences.

I offer private support for lactating, breastfeeding and chestfeeding parents. I am passionate about the appropriate provision of LGBTQIA+ healthcare services and also addressing racial, socioeconomic, and gender-based healthcare disparities. I continue to speak professionally on social justice issues whenever possible and advocate for centering the voices of the most impacted communities. In addition to lactation services and postpartum doula work, I offer belly casting, belly mapping, and private childbirth education custom-tailored to your family’s needs. Book me any time through the MavenClinic app or send me an e-mail to discuss in-person or telehealth support.


Trans-Affirming Midwife, Kristin Kali

MAIA midwife Kristin Kali, LM CPM is a strong advocate for gender inclusivity in midwifery and perinatal health.


Trans-Affirming Midwives, Quilted Health

Queer midwives at Quilted Health in Renton (near Valley) doing deliveries at Virginia Mason (which is a great unit that allows water births and has nitrous oxide as a pain management option!). Great feedback on their groups, which are hard to find.

At Quilted Health, we believe every pregnant person – regardless of race, gender, sexuality, location, ability or income – deserves a better standard of care.


Trans-Affirming OBGYN, Nicole Ingrisano

Dr. Nicole M. Ingrisano (They/She) is an Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist in Seattle, Washington. She graduated with honors from University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in 2006. She has more than 12 years of diverse experiences, especially in obstetrics and gynecology, and addiction medicine. Dr. Ingrisano is affiliated with Swedish Medical Center.


Trans Midwife, Simon Ellis

Meet the Trans Midwife Changing the World’s “Most Gendered Profession”

Simon Adriane Ellis is a trans- and genderqueer-identified Certified Nurse Midwife whose clinical practice is focused on providing sexual and reproductive health services across the lifespan for people of all gender identities. They are a staff midwife at Kaiser Permanente in Seattle, WA. Outside of the clinic, their advocacy work has included co-authoring an ACNM position statement supporting midwifery care for transgender individuals, conducting original research on transgender pregnancy, and providing mentorship and training on LGBTQ health to students, clinic staff and healthcare providers.


B3 -Physical Therapy for Pregnancy, Pelvic Health, & Gender Affirmation

B3 stands for Bellies, Bottoms and Backs!

B3 Physical Therapy offers expert care for:

  • Pelvic health conditions

  • Gender affirmation

  • Pregnancy and parenting-related injuries

Dr. Ken McGee (they/them) headshot

Dr. Ken McGee (they/them) is a doctor of physical therapy, a doula and has a passion for helping gender expansive people.


Prenatal, Pregnancy & Postpartum

Queer & Trans Centered Prenatal Yoga

This is a class especially by and for LGBTQ-folks, with the intention of building an embodied and heartfelt community. Allies are kindly asked to send queer friends, and attend another class yourself.

This is a six-week series for people carrying and birthing a baby. We will explore the ways that yoga can support pregnancy and birth through postures/movements, breaths, community, and meditation. You are welcome to invite one guest to attend with you if you like! The recording of the class will be made available for you to use as needed.


Seahorse: The Dad Who Gave Birth (Film)

Freddy and child from Seahorse The Dad Who Gave Birth

Freddy is 30 and yearns to start a family. His pregnancy comes with unique challenges as a gay transgender man. This is a beautiful film, but a warning: the film includes Freddy’s experiences of discrimination and dysphoria.


Trans Fertility Co.
transgender pregnant man and partner

Trans Fertility Co. was created by trans community members to make the world of fertility easier for us to understand and navigate.

Trans Fertility Co. is 100% shame-free. We will gladly consider guest articles provided that those articles are in alignment with the values listed above AND don’t contain a whiff of judgment about birthing decisions, feeding choices, medicalized/non-medicalized approaches, etc. We believe that every trans person is uniquely sacred and powerful, and that their individual journeys should be honored. We welcome both evidence- and community-based information, provided that it is offered without judgment towards other paths to family-building.


Birthing Resources

B3 PT logo

B3 PT gives resources for birth doulas, post partum doulas, lactation consultants, massage therapists and fitness specialists who are inclusive, knowledgeable and respectful.



Research Articles, 

and Inclusive Education Materials

An International Exploration of Transmasculine Practices of Reproduction

The central aim of this project is to provide an in-depth understanding of the feelings, experiences and health care needs of trans people (including trans men, transmasculine people and non-binary individuals) who wish to, or become, pregnant.

We aim to explore the feelings, experiences and health care needs of transmasculine people (including trans men and nonbinary individuals) who wish to or become pregnant. 


Earthside Inclusive Education Materials

Education materials inclusive of the LGBTTQIA+ community, and anybody else navigating the spaces of pregnancy, birth, parenting, and postpartum.

Products range in price for accessibility – art prints are listed at full price, while all educational resources are listed at a reduced price so that they are accessible to all income groups. Prints in Te Reo Māori are free, as Lou is pākehā, and this is not their language or culture to profit from.

Lou (they/them) is a registered midwife, postgraduate health sciences student and childbirth educator based in New Zealand.

They use digital art & infographics to provide evidence based, easy to digest information that is inclusive of the LGBTTQIA+ community, and anybody else navigating the spaces of pregnancy, birth, parenting, and postpartum.

For information about commissions you can contact Lou at

To learn about Lou’s other work, receiving LGBT inclusive pregnancy care, and how to enrol in childbirth education classes that focus on autonomy, values based decision making, and information gathering, head to Empwr.


Queer Conception

The Complete Fertility Guide for Queer & Trans Parents-to-be.

The only evidence-based, up-to-date, trans-inclusive, body-positive fertility guide for queer people from an experienced health care provider.

So you want to make a baby. Or at least you’re thinking about it. You’ve come to the right place! In this book, you will find everything you need to know about fertility and queer conception that was left out of your high school biology curriculum—and all the things your primary care doctor didn’t know to tell you, that your fertility doctor overlooked, and that would have taken you months to glean off the internet, wading through cis/het-centered information. Here, you’ll find evidence-based information that actually applies to LGBTQ+ people building families via pregnancy. Whether you pick up this book when you are ready to build your family, or years before, you will find vital information here.


SCH Fertility Preservation For Gender-Diverse Youth and Young Adults
Seattle Children's Gender Clinic Logo

Gender-affirming hormones and some surgeries can make it hard or impossible to get pregnant or to make someone pregnant. Before starting these treatments, some people take steps to make it more likely to have biological children in the future. This is called fertility preservation.

Training; Collaborate Consulting

Trystan Reese photo

Tranings, Workshops and Webinars to on Transgender Fertility.  Trystan Reese is an author, parent, coach, trainer, midwife.



How We Do Family by Trystand Reese (he/him)


Fertility Services

Cryo Choice

Private, home sperm banking kits.

Transitioning can be an exciting time in your life, and CryoChoice would like to help you along this journey.

For some transfeminine individuals going through the transition phase, hormones play an important role in this process. However, some hormones can permanently alter your body, which could stop or change your sperm production.  In hindsight, hormones could make it impossible to produce your own biological children in the future, and this is where CryoChoice is here to help.

Call now: (404) 325-0907


Dadi At-Home Kits

The sperm storage, at-home fertility kit.

Easy to order, simple instructions, and I was able to send back and have my sperm stored the same day. Would highly recommend.


My Fertility Coach - LGBTQ and TTC (Trying to Conceive)

If you identify as LGBTQ+ and you’re looking for a supportive community of high vibe, positive people, you are in the right place.

If you need help with:

1. Planning and starting your fertility journey
2. Believing you are worthy of parenthood
3. Overcoming self-sabotaging thoughts
4. Releasing infertility struggles
5. Learning about the mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual side
of fertility

…then click the “Join Group” button and come learn with us!


ORM Fertility

We are honored to be chosen and we cherish our work with our LGBTQ families across our nation and the globe on their path to parenthood. Bellevue, WA (additional locations in Portland, OR)

Call Now: (425) 332-5529


Pacific Northwest Fertility

Pacific Northwest Fertility Logo with trans flag and pride flag colors

PNWF has always supported our LGBTQ+ community. We’re proud to formalize our passion for inclusive care with this Center that provides comprehensive, highly successful options for all family building and fertility preservation needs.

Locations in Seattle and Bellevue

Offers a free 30-minute phone consultation

Call now: (206) 515-0000


fertility as egg and spoons


Home sperm banking kits, egg and sperm storage.

ReproTech is the safest place on earth to store reproductive tissues. Our 30-year track record proves we’ve earned our place as the leaders in long-term cryogenic storage. ReproTech is the only company in the nation that focuses exclusively on long-term cryostorage. We don’t sell donor sperm, we don’t freeze specimens, we don’t provide IVF services – we store reproductive tissue. That’s it.

Call Now: 775-284-2795


Seattle Reproductive Medicine

Whether your need donor sperm, donor eggs, surrogacy, artificial insemination or in-vitro fertilization (IVF), our heartfelt mission is to help individuals and couples in building their family. SRM also offers fertility preservation services for those not quite ready to start a family, and also to individuals prior to gender-affirming treatments.

Locations in Seattle, Everett, Kirkland, Tacoma, and Spokane

Call now: (877) 938-4852


These Startups Are Opening a New World of Fertility Preservation for Trans Patients


Cost and access have made traditional sperm and egg freezing burdensome for many trans people. New services could finally help close the gap.


Trans Fertility Co.

transgender pregnant man and partner 

illustration by

Trans pregnancy resource and provider trainings.

Trans Fertility Co. was created by trans community members to make the world of fertility easier for us to understand and navigate.



Some fertility professionals prefer having sperm washed before banking, which can’t be done with home insemination kits. When sperm has been washed, it can then be used for IUI procedures, which typically can have a 12-20% success rate per try vs ICI with unwashed frozen sperm has a conception rate of 5-10% per try.

ICI involves inserting sperm into the cervix. This is the passageway just outside the uterus. This approach can be used in a doctor’s office or at home.

IUI is short for intrauterine insemination that:

    • Is done in a doctor’s office
    • Uses “washed” sperm
    • Often but not always involves medications or hormone shots
    • Bypasses the cervix and sperm is placed directly inside the uterus