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99% Chance of Magic

Curated by Amy Eleanor Heart (she/her) and Abbey Darling (she/her)
Trans & Nonbinary Lending Library 99% Chance of Magic Curated by Amy Eleanor Heart & Abbey Darling book cover

99% Chance of Magic is a literary collection for transgender children, all written & illustrated by trans women and (C)AMAB non-binary creatives. Our stories explore a variety of wonderous worlds, but one goal connects them all: to cast a protection spell of hope and strength for transgender and non-binary kids everywhere.

The twelve spells featured in our anthology are the following:

  1. A Shapeshifting Spell — by Misha Lynn Moon & illustrated by Angel Sera
    2. 99% Chance of Magic — by Alys S. Brooks & illustrated by Jeanelle Tabaranza
    3. A Rightful Queen — by Vivien Al-Miqdam & illustrated by Aria Villafranca
    4. The Sisters from the Stars — by Amy Heart & illustrated by Wriply M. Bennet
    5. Valara and the Magic Eater — by A.K. Blue & illustrated by Caterina Gerbasi
    6. Can’t Stop the Princess — written & illustrated by Anya L. Archer
    7. My Story, Wolf — by Abbey Darling & illustrated by Sybil Lamb
    8. Night Light — by Duna Haller & illustrated by Clara Mejías
    9. From a Seed Grew a Girl — by Michelle Gannon & illustrated by Anya L. Archer
    10. Neshnaj, the Gentle Grey Giant — by Xemiyulu Tapepechul & illustrated by Ariki Arts
    11. Melody Song & The Hymns of the Infinite Sadness — by Amy Eleanor Heart & illustrated by Wriply M. Bennet
    12. The Unicorn of the Sea and Me — by Jun Almar’a & illustrated by Clara Emiliana

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