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An Inclusive Guide to Medical and Surgical Transition

by Sidhbh Gallagher MD (she/her)
Trans* & Nonbinary Lending Library -Affirmed; An Inclusive Guide to Medical and Surgical Transition by Sidhbh Gallagher, MD (she/her) book cover

Finding accurate information to help along the path to medical and surgical transition can be challenging. There is still a lack of competent providers in this field and though the internet is a wonderful resource while transitioning, there is just too much myth and inaccuracy out there. This book was conceived in response to just that. Written by Dr. Gallagher and a group of dedicated colleagues who serve the transgender and non-binary community, it is designed to be a solid resource when it comes to transgender health care. It is primarily designed to deliver information to patients in a way that’s straight forward and jargon free. These concepts can be difficult enough to understand without reading a medical dictionary at the same time! Transitioning is such a complex process and the physical aspect of it is just one part of the puzzle. Hopefully this guide will help de-mystify the process.

Content warning: graphic surgical images. There will be blood! So, if you are squeamish, be prepared.


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