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Artistic Expressions of Transgender Youth

by Tony Ferraiolo, CPC (he/him)

Illustrated by Transgender Youth

Artistic Expressions of Transgender Youth by Tony Ferraiolo, CPC (he/him)

This book is different because you will be educated directly by transgender children and teens. Not by a medical professional. Not by a life coach, not by the editor. This book will illustrate how transgender children and teens feel and think about themselves, as told through their art. Each drawing is accompanied by a statement where each child describes what their art means to them.


About Tony Ferraiolo

When I realized I was transgender, I didn’t do cartwheels. I didn’t know anyone else like me.

I remember going to the beach and crying, wondering if I wanted to live . Wondering, if my life was so unbearable now, how would it be if I came out as transgender? Then something happened. I realized that I had the opportunity to create myself into the person who I always wanted to be. I remember asking myself, what do I need to do to become that person? There was a very long list of “To Do’s.” I knew that the anger I carried would transfer over into the person I wanted to create, so I worked very hard to let go of it. I forgave everyone who abused me, including myself. Once I let go of my anger, my soul filled with compassion. I believe that you must see the dark before you see the light — and that some of us must struggle through the challenges we face because it is part of the growth. I can honestly say that I would not change anything about my past. I truly believe that my past is what created “Tony.”

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