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by Emily Zhou (she/her) 
The Gender Creative Child, by Diane Ehrensaft, PhD

Seven heartstoppingly gorgeous stories about young transgender life from from the Upper Midwest to New York City.

In seven light-filled prisms of short stories, Emily Zhou chronicles modern queer life with uncompromising and hilarious lucidity. Attending to the intimacy of Gen Z women’s lives, these stories move from the provinces to the metropolis, from chaotic student accommodation to insecure jobs, from parties to dates to the nights after, from haplessness to some kind of power.

Funny and devastating, like a trans Mary McCarthy, Zhou depicts with shocking precision the choices and shifts through which we work on each other and ourselves. Tender, merciless, and gracious, GIRLFRIENDS is a breath of fresh air.

“Intimate and perceptive … comes to life in the details that fill early adulthood for a cast of memorable young queer and trans characters — escape-artist cats, house parties that are equal parts awkward and alluring, and dead-end jobs abided until real life begins.”–San Francisco Chronicle

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