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Volume 4

by Alice Oseman (she/they)
Heartstopper Volume 5 by Alice Oseman (she/they)

Boy meets boy. Boys become friends. Boys fall in love. The bestselling LGBTQ+ graphic novel about life, love, and everything that happens in between: this is the fourth volume of HEARTSTOPPER, for fans of The Art of Being Normal, Holly Bourne and Love, Simon.

Charlie didn’t think Nick could ever like him back, but now they’re officially boyfriends. Charlie’s beginning to feel ready to say those three little words: I love you.

Nick’s been feeling the same, but he’s got a lot on his mind – not least coming out to his dad, and the fact that Charlie might have an eating disorder.

As summer turns to autumn and a new school year begins, Charlie and Nick are about to learn a lot about what love means.

Heartstopper is about love, friendship, loyalty and mental illness. It encompasses all the small stories of Nick and Charlie’s lives that together make up something larger, which speaks to all of us.

Content Warning:

Heartstopper: Volume Four contains extensive discussions and portrayals of mental illness. Overall, the story has an optimistic spin and a focus on recovery and healing, though there are darker moments in order to portray the realism of living with mental illness. If you are triggered by any of the below topics, please proceed with caution.

  • Anorexia – portrayals of restrictive eating behaviour and other discussions around eating disorders, with a focus on anorexia.
  • Self-harm – references to incidents of self-harm (though there is no on-page self-harm)
  • Psychiatric ward – a character stays briefly in a psychiatric ward and has an overall positive experience there.
  • OCD – brief discussions of OCD symptoms.
  • Therapy, including a brief discussion of trauma.
  • Brief references to past bullying.


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