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The Invisible Orientation:

An Introduction to Asexuality

by Julie Sondra Decker (she/her)
The Invisible Orientation; An Introduction to Asexuality by Julie Sondra Decker (she/her)

Next Generation Indie Book Awards Winner in LGBT . 

Julie Sondra Decker’s book functions as a starting point for people interested in asexuality. It covers the basics of what asexuality is and isn’t, explores the most common issues asexual people may be dealing with, presents some pointers for newly asexual-identified people and the people who love them, and includes some resources to find out more. It’s for the layperson, written in everyday language.

Chapters include:

  • Asexuality as a Sexual Orientation
  • Romantic Orientation
  • Libido and Masturbation
  • Intimate and Sexual Activity
  • Asexual Relationships
  • Asexual Community
  • Should Asexual People Get Therapy and Be Fixed
  • Am I Asexual?
  • Should I Come Out?
  • And much more

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