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The Spoon Knife Anthology: Thoughts On Compliance, Defiance and Resistance

edited by N. I. Nicolson (he/him) and Michael Scott Monje Jr. (she/her)
Trans and Nonbinary Lending Library The Spoon Knife Anthology Book 1 edited by, N.I. Nicholson and Michael Scott Monje, Jr. book cover

The Spoon Knife Anthology collects the work of over 25 authors, including Autonomous Press partners, disability studies scholars, established prose and poetry artists, and emerging storytellers from a variety of backgrounds. Together, these writers deliver a series of meditations on compliance and consent that are simultaneously intimate and alienating.

“This jewel of a collection had me crying, laughing in parts, and becoming outraged.“- Judy Grahn, author of A Simple Revolution, Another Mother Tongue, and Love Belongs to Those Who Do the Feeling.

 “At the nexus of sexuality/sexual identity and disability resides a community that is as othered as one can be. And as has always been true, there resides in such a marginalized community wisdom about the human condition that is timely and necessary. We who do not understand the gradations and dynamism of Autism and other neural and generally physical challenges, who do not understand the gradations and dynamism of human sexuality, must humble ourselves before the varied voices of this community. They are our teachers. Michael Monje and her associate have gathered and produced an important anthology.” – Richard Katrovas, author of Raising Girls in Bohemia and Swastika into Lotus.

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