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They, He, She as easy as ABC

by Maya Gonzalez (she/her) and Matthew Smith-Gonzalez
Trans* & Nonbinary Lending Library -They, She, He Easy as ABC by Maya Gonzalez and Matthew Smith-Gonzalez book cover

Inclusive pronouns are learned alongside the alphabet in this joyously illustrated take on the classic ABC book. They, She, He Easy as ABC shows that including everyone is all part of the dance. It’s easy. It’s fundamental. As the dance begins the kids proclaim, “No one left out and everyone free,” in a sing-song rhyme about inclusion. This sets the stage for readers to meet 26 kids showing us their dance moves.”Ari loves to arabesque. They hold their pose with ease. Brody is a break dancer. Brody loves to freeze.” Fast-paced rhyming keeps the flow of text upbeat and rhythmic, and naturally models how to use a wide range of pronouns. 

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