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To Hold a Flower

by Caroline Sophia Hamel (she/her) 
The Gender Creative Child, by Diane Ehrensaft, PhD

Liela and Dunet are sisters and best friends.

Liela is compassionate and dedicated, striving to protect her sister. Her dream is to become the commander of Claralis, a defensive city on the northern border of Mathar, but her world is slowly unraveling. Desperate to keep her sister from growing up, Liela finds herself torn between her piling responsibilities to her nation, and her need to protect Dunet’s carefree childhood. Forced to drift further apart, Liela is unable to be there as Dunet’s sense of self-worth slowly crumbles.

In the midst of Liela’s turmoil, she stumbles upon Myllia, a girl drifting through life in a daydream. Myllia falls for Liela, and she becomes an anchor for the aspiring commander. Soon Liela finds peace in Myllia, while dealing with her ascending rank and the looming threat beyond the city walls.

To Hold a Flower is a fantasy novel about healing, developing genuine relationships, and finding self-worth.  Book 2, “The Essence of Longing” is an extension of these characters.

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