Consulting & Trainings

For Therapists

Whether you are new to learning how to support nonbinary and transgender clients, or you need to work through a complex situation, individual consultation is a safe place to learn and process. Potential topics include:

  • 9Transgender 101
  • 9Specific challenges for nonbinary and gender fluid clients
  • 9Minority stress and societal transphobia
  • 9Puberty blockers and HRT
  • 9Developing a template for gender affirmation letters
  • 9Gender affirmation surgeries, surgeons and insurance
  • 9How to appeal an insurance denial
  • 9Challenging and concerned parents
  • 9How to unravel a binary and cisgender structure
  • 9How to develop and maintain a gender specialty
Agency Consulting and Presentations

Workplace Education

Bring a deeper understanding of gender to your workplace. Customized topics include:

  • 9Pronouns and beyond; language related to gender
  • 9Washington state and Federal anti-discrimination policies
  • 9How to support a transgender employee’s transition and how it might impact your workplace
  • 9How to reduce liability by educating staff, leading by example, setting expectations and following through
  • 9How to create a trans friendly workplace
  • 9Working with reluctant employees or those new to gender
  • 9Understanding gender from a biopsychosocial perspective
  • 9Policy creation and review
  • 9Reviewing and correcting your forms to ensure they are inclusive

Writing Gender Affirmation Letters


Learn about:

  • 9Assessing and writing letters in session so you get paid for your time
  • 9Using WPATH standards of care, Including WPATH Version 8 Updates
  • 9Informed consent and Gatekeeping Models; What's Your Responsibility?
  • 9Surgeons and insurance
  • 9Creating Your Own Templates
  • 9Research articles to bolster appeals
  • 9Complex cases


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